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Ray Gallo has many successful pupils withTrinity or Rockschool grades
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Ray Gallo has taught guitar in Education Authority schools and privately for many years.He is versatile in that he teaches Classic,Jazz,Rock,Flamenco,also including some blues and acoustic/electric styles  from beginners to advanced level.

 Having had an upbringing with a renowned Guitar player/teacher father understands the traditional music notation but also uses guitar tab for Rock or Jazz players whilst always recommending that tab is an assistance to notation not a replacement,and that notation is not to be feared .(If you can read English,you can learn the basics of notation)

Ray likes to teach his pupils a mixture of enjoyable pieces of any style that they are learning mixed with a sound musical knowledge of the songs.His philosophy being the main thing is students enjoy their music firstly and in time this can lead them to playing in school concerts solo or in a Group with friends etc.

Practice time is important and can be enjoyable when progress is made.

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Ray has also taught Bass guitar to Rockschool Grade 5 level.

Information regarding Guitar/Bass Guitar tuition,ring 07790866323.

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